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Building communities is the future of a brighter Pakistan

A positive community is our future. Staying together one will define this country’s future and that’s our future entrepreneurs need to understand. Co-working spaces are first step towards achieving just that. If you are a freelancer or run a small enterprise, join a co-working near your area today and affiliate yourself with a community that can help you build and grow.

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Co-working spaces in Lahore

Do you know what amazes us is that in many working places of Pakistan, the community culture is totally non-existent. As strange as this might sound, this is actually very true. A majority of working places are full of work politics and learning from your co-workers or forming a positive community is the last thing that most companies work for. This is sad as it wastes so much talent.

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Benfits of Co Work Space

A co-working space usually houses small and medium enterprises, startups and individual freelancers working to build a career for themselves. There are people from a finance background, law, computer sciences and technology and so many other fields making a living from themselves. They are provided with their own offices or seats on a monthly rent basis and the rest of the costs such as electricity,

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