About Us

(Modern Tech Co-Working Space In Lahore)

The way people work is changing and as a result the spaces where we do work are changing too. Social Club is answer to the changing dynamics of spaces where we work.
Everyday people go to work that doesn't always look the same. There is something they all have in common that is, their work is PERSONAL motivated by people we share it with and empowered by environment in which it takes place with. As the work place changes ask yourself, what do you need to succeed?
We need environment that makes us work smarter and adapt to task at hand but every work space should have purpose & provide a ecosystem of support not just to work but to evolve, designed to inspire excellence and able to connect you on Global scale where unmatched opportunities are found & where people can make a Difference. Social Club Co-Working space is an ideal spot for Freelancers, Remote Workers, Travellers, Start-up Companies and budding Entrepreneurs. This spot gives an innovative climate, permitting you to focus at work without any interruption. Social Club gives all that you want in an expert work space environment yet, doesn't demands consistent rise of overhead expenses or any sort of utility bills.
Our Members will benefit by the nearby local area, allowing you to create contacts within the co work space and around the local area with other businesses hence, creating a vast impact to increase your business rapidly. We have a huge scope of enrolment bundles to address everyone’s issues. To make ourselves one of a kind in the Co-working local area, we have created a relaxing spot with excellent out-fitted workplace. Our group fits global norms of any sort. Remembering the customers' requirements, we are shaping local area immensely affecting the cooperating local area to function around more critically in our country. So are you a beginner in business who wants to increase contacts around co-working space or need to outsource other services around the local area? Or are you a freelancer who needs an absolute privacy to dig out your creativity in a peaceful ambiance? Or if you are new in the city and have no leads to people, businesses and office space? Then Join us! Let our team give you a tour to your co-working space.